About - Mark Van Der Gaag


Mark Van der Gaag is a Personal Development and Life Transformation Coach, and is the founder of the Radical Reboot Transformation Program.

As a passionate teacher, dynamic speaker, and successful entrepreneur, he inspires self-discovery by creating a safe space for exploration and transformation. He helps individuals and groups achieve their goals, dreams, and vision by removing the barriers to their authentic self where true knowledge and absolute creative potential reside.

Mark worked closely with Marianne Williamson as a member of her Vision Team for the Global Renaissance Alliance, and was the Trainer/Coordinator for the GRA Peace Circles program, accruing over 2,000 hours of experience facilitating small groups and vision teams.

Mark trained with Debbie Ford at the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching where he earned his Master Coach certification in 2001. He received Shamanic Training from Don Miguel Ruiz, is a Reiki Master and studied with transformational teachers such as David Deida (masculine-feminine principles), Michael Sky (firewalking) and Shakti Gaiwan (creative visualization). As a graduate of such programs as the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, the Warrior Training for Men with Mankind Project, and Basic Sensuality with More University, Mark draws from a broad knowledge base when coaching his clients. As a devoted Course In Miracles student for more than 25 years, Mark has experienced many miracles in both his personal life and with his clients.

Mark Van der Gaag’s eclectic approach and varied life experience have inspired him to develop a unique coaching system and life reboot program, generating miracles and transformation through radical renewal.

"Whatever you desire already exists and is hurling toward you even at this very moment. Only the beliefs in your own mind and the actions you take – or fail to take – can stop them from reaching you."

- Mark Van der Gaag