Be Centered by the Positive Force of the Universe [MWM - 006] | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM – 006] Be Centered by the Positive Force of the Universe

Everything in the material world is in orbit.

And everything in orbit is Centered by something.

You could say that the Earth is Centered by the Sun and the Moon is centered by the Earth.

As human beings we are in orbit as well. We are centered by the things we place our attention on.

Whatever you focus on will hold you in orbit and through the laws of resonance will generate your experience. 

As you circle around the object of your attention, everything else that is drawn to that orbit & resonates with that object will at some point collide with you.

Collision is not always a bad thing. It can have a magnifying effect in a positive or negative way but one way or another it will have an impact.

Though most human beings do not exercise it, we do have the power to direct our attention, choose our focus and decide our own orbit.

Most people most of the time however, allow themselves to be pulled from orbit to orbit depending on whatever seems to be happening around them.

So they experience their lives as an out of control crap shoot. Like they are at the effect of everyone and everything outside of themselves. This is hell.

One way to strengthen your centering power and get your Cause-ability back is by establishing a “Centering Practice.” 

Try taking a few minutes every morning to first center in the metaphysical (spiritual) realm by closing your eyes and meditating in silence and receptivity.

In order to have your life centered by the Positive Force of the Universe you must maintain a posture of asking and receiving instead of telling or demanding.

Then immediately following the silence, center in the physical world by creating & reviewing your daily action plan that’s focused on your passion & purpose.

Now throughout the rest of your day practice bringing  your attention back to this focus as often as possible. 

This will strengthen your centering muscle. And you will begin to notice that things around you are just passing by without disturbing your peace of mind…

Shit may happen. But it no longer pulls you into its orbit.



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January 19, 2020

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