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Coaching Packages

Coaching is not therapy, it's a much more involved relationship. Ideally, it's a partnership devoted to helping you get what you want in life.

Breakthrough Coaching Session

This focused 90-minute phone session is designed to help you gain freedom from an ongoing consistent complaint in your life. The purpose is to get you outside the problem so you can penetrate it from a distance and see the true cause. From there you have the power to cause something else and repair or change the situation.

Reboot Your Life Coaching Package

This comprehensive 4-month coaching program follows a proven 5-step blueprint designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

  1. Clarify a specific goal in a particular life area.
  2. Identify what’s blocking the goal.
  3. Remove the blocks.
  4. Create an action plan.
  5. Support you in taking the necessary actions to attain your goal.

Relationship Reboot Coaching


  • Everything in the Reboot Your Life Coaching Package for EACH of you
  • 4, 2-hour couples sessions designed to help both of you transition the relationship from "conflict/getting" to "communion/giving".
  • 24, 1-hour 1-to-1 sessions (12 for each person)

Breakthrough Coaching

  • 1, 90-minute session


Reboot Your Life Coaching

  • 16, 1-hour sessions



  • 24, 1-hour 1-to-1 sessions (12 each)
  • 4, 2-hour couple sessions


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“More than anyone I know, Mark has been there to encourage and celebrate my growth. He is unusually gifted and insightful and I continue to be amazed by his wisdom and positive influence.” - John B., Entrepreneur, Detroit, MI

"Life is not happening to you. You are happening to life. You are cause, not effect."

- Mark Van der Gaag