Courses | Mark Van Der Gaag


ACIM Discovery Groups

These groups are for anyone interested in A Course In Miracles at any level. Mark’s intention for the ACIM Circles is to provide a deeply receptive, non-judgmental space where we can support each other in practicing the higher principles of The Course, allowing our greater selves to naturally unfold.

Radical Reboot Relationship Transformation Workshop

If you are struggling or suffering or just not feeling fulfilled in your relationship, this experiential course offers clarity, understanding and relationship transformation processes and tools. Discover the love, attention, appreciation and true partnership that is trying to reach you. Come with your partner or alone. It’s high impact with both people but it only takes one to transform a relationship. This course is presented several times a year. To be notified about upcoming sessions, please sign up for email updates.

Radical Reboot Power Cluster

This program is for anyone who wants to completely reboot their life in any of these areas – career, vocation, health, wealth or relationship. 

Having a life that is fully expressed, living your passion & purpose, fulfilling your dreams & desires and achieving your top goals, projects & objectives is what we all really want!  

The Power Cluster provides daily coaching support, a devoted team that has your back, and a powerful container to incubate your vision.  AND – The Radical Reboot Power Cluster has a track record of doing all of that in just 6 months.