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[MwM – 005] How to Create FLOW in Your Life

One of my clients came to me this week feeling confused. He said he felt that his goals were definitely “purposeful,” yet, he still felt stagnant to some degree…

If you’re clear that you have purposeful goals but still don’t seem to be producing or flowing the way you would like to be –

Consider a winding, flowing river.

If you were to remove the riverbanks the river would have no structure to contain and guide it.

Without the channel the river becomes a big puddle.

This is true for your goals, dreams and vision as well.

The riverbanks are the “structure” that allow the river to flow.

If you increase the structure by pulling the riverbanks closer together and narrowing the channel, the river will move faster and with more force.

Of course, if you create too much structure by bringing the riverbanks too close together, you essentially make a dam and the river gets blocked.

But too much structure blocking the flow is rarely the problem when it comes to our big vision.

If you’re not producing or moving or taking action around your goals and objectives, it’s highly likely that some form of structure needs to be put in place.

So when things aren’t moving the way you would like, take a quiet moment and ask yourself, “what sort of structures can I put in place to get this river flowing?”

Common structures are things like,

1.    Devices – using your clock, calendar and phone reminders

2.    Planning – Create a daily action plan

3.    Declaration – declare to yourself and someone else how many and by when.

4.    Deadlines – Schedule start and completion dates in your calendar.

5.    Blocking Time – Setting specific hours to work on your projects.

6.    Partnership – working together with a partner or team

7.    Accountability – put someone in place to hold you accountable with frequent scheduled check-ins.

Any one of these will definitely get your flow going.

But if you put all of them in place, you will become unstoppable.

Tip – These forms of structure work best when you also structure into your schedule intermittent periods of non-structure.



January 13, 2020

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