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[MwM – 010] Is your PASSION turned OFF?

Welcome back to another “Monday with Mark” — Where each Monday I share ideas, concepts and LIFE-SHIFTING exercises to help you launch your week with passion, purpose and power! 

Today we are talking about how to SHIFT the after-weekend feelings of sadness, lethargy and low energy that many Americans wake up to every Monday… 

Let’s get started…

If you are consistently waking up in the morning dragging yourself out of bed and into your experience with no fire; with anything less than genuine excitement and exuberance to jump into your day…


What I would like you to consider today is the (very real) possibility that what may be TURNED OFF in you…is your PASSION

And I believe that the only real thing that can switch your passion back on is: 

To be clear about, committed to and actively involved in your PURPOSE. 

Passion is what it feels like when your love for something has been ignited, excited or woken up! 

Passion is charged, joyful energy that wants to not only move in you — but through you… to move the world!

Feeling passion is God’s way of moving you toward Her purpose for you. 

Your Passion is a very clear sign provided by the Universe to let you know that you ARE ON PURPOSE and giving the gift you came to the planet to give.

According to A Course In Miracles, we all share a “Common Purpose” — to “make happy” and bring heaven to earth. 

Yet, inside this shared Purpose, each of us has our own very unique and specific way of producing happiness for the world. 

This “unique way” is our individual Purpose.

Like pieces to a puzzle, we each have a special and significant role to play within the Universe’s grand plan: To manifest complete and abject peace & happiness for all.

AND no other being on the planet can bring the piece that YOU came to bring. Only you and you alone can fulfill YOUR particular PURPOSE!

Though you do not necessarily have to be on purpose in order to manifest physical wealth and abundance…

…the further away we get from our purpose, the less joy and more pain we will feel (regardless of how much material prosperity we generate or accumulate in the world). 

This is not a punishment. It is simply cause and effect. 

Pain is the natural effect of doing something harmful to yourself.

Happiness is the natural effect of “making happy.” 

It is in the giving that we receive. 

True happiness comes from producing happiness in the world. 

Knowing your purpose is never something you should fret over. Knowing your purpose comes from committing to it before you know what it is.

Once you have fully committed to your Purpose, it will clearly reveal itself to you. 

And everything you need to bring it forward will be provided.

Stay on purpose this week by spending a few minutes each day reflecting on moments in which you have felt genuine passion. 

How can you create more moments like that in your life?

Stay tuned for next week


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February 17, 2020

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