Miracles Are Your Birthright [MwM – 028] | Mark Van Der Gaag

Miracles Are Your Birthright [MwM – 028]

The fun and awesome topic for today is, Miracles… 

Miracles Are Your Birthright

If it feels like healing or repairing whatever is going on in your life or in the world around you would take a miracle…

A Course In Miracles says:

  1. “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.” 
  2. “Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.”

Now, these 2 principles come from a much longer list of 50 Miracle Principles – and certainly there are varying interpretations of their meaning.

I would like to offer mine.

To keep it simple, according to ACIM, though it often seems like we are at the effect of random external happenings…

…This isn’t possible and is ultimately an illusion.

The truth is, we are Cause and the happenings of the world are the effects of the thoughts in our mind.

In other words, we see what we already believe and expect to see. Then we interpret what we see as if it were outside of our control.

This reality twisting dynamic is what ACIM calls, perception.  Perception is not the same as knowledge. Knowledge is a direct experience of something.

You can know chocolate ice cream through your experience of tasting it. You cannot know chocolate ice cream by seeing someone eat it and then imagining what it tastes like.

Perception happens in your imagination, not in reality. It is an interpretation of something you are at least one step removed from.

Our perceptions are always distorted and inaccurate because they are based on a limited perspective which is rooted in projection, judgment and fear – NOT REALITY.

This illusion of “it’s happening to me” is extremely convincing because there are lots of worldly “laws” and mechanisms that hold it in place, such as:

  1. The laws of time and space (which work together to create enough distance between Cause and Effect that it’s difficult to connect your results to their origin – you)
  2. Mental mechanisms like – subconscious thoughts, conflicting intentions, and collective beliefs (all of which are mostly hidden from our conscious awareness)

These laws and vast amounts of concealed thinking complicate and cloud our ability to see our “causeness” (yes, a new word I invented 😊).

But here’s the good news!

When it comes to miracles, that’s all ok. You don’t have to know how it all works or even see what you cannot currently see. Miracles are still your right.

ACIM basically says, a miracle is simply a shift in perception. 

Instead of seeing from the horizontal (limited earthly) perspective, a miracle is a moment when we get to see the world from the vertical (unlimited heavenly) perspective.

Being an Idea of God, you could say Heaven, our true Home, is in the Mind of God…

…And only Joy, Peace, and Ever-Extending Love can come from the Mind of God.

Because the Mind of God is outside the limitations of this world, seeing from the Mind of God completely transforms the effects of our minds on this world.

A miracle is the result of bringing Heaven to earth through allowing the mind of God to perceive our situation for us. 

In this way, instead of our fearful thoughts, judgments and beliefs causing our experience, Love is allowed to Cause our experience.

More good news!

The miracle or shift in perception is not something we have to make happen. It is something we get to invite, and upon our invitation, It WILL come and do what it came to do.

What about the “necessary” purification it speaks of in principle 2?

Purification, in this regard, is the act of releasing from our mind the limiting thoughts, judgments, and beliefs we are so attached to.

It is in the asking itself that we relinquish our interpretations and begin to achieve the necessary “purification” that allows the miracle to take place.

So, for today, let’s practice together. 

Let’s take all of what seems to be wrong and painful in our collective and individual experience, and invite God to show us the Truth.

Dear God (Universe, Source, Higher Power),

I relinquish all of what I think the problem is in this situation and all of what I think will solve it to You. And I ask with all of my heart that You fill the now empty place in my mind with Your Interpretation, Your Knowledge, Your Understanding of what is True and what may be needed in this situation. I am firmly committed to You and will be and do whatever You ask.

And so it is. 



If these concepts feel like they land for you, but you would like to have more clarity or a better understanding of how they are specifically operating in your life, you can learn more during the ACIM Livestream Zoom Meetings held every Wednesday evening and Friday morning 🙂

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June 22, 2020

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