[MwM- 011] Do you believe everything happens for a reason? | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM- 011] Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Date: February 24, 2020

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Let’s get started…One of my clients asked this week, if there is a loving God, why
does pain and suffering exist? What is the point?Well, I would suggest, there IS a loving God — and
pain & suffering is NOT His idea. Have you ever heard someone say, everything happens for a
reason? Most people say this as a way of negating responsibility
for the results of their own thoughts, actions and choices.Like there is some not-so-loving God up there who is causing
our experiences as a way of teaching us some sort of lesson.THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. God is Love. And Love is loving. Love does not generate
pain and suffering. We generate pain and suffering through
our interpretations, choices and resistance to Love.Though Source will use the senseless pain and suffering we
generate to teach us how to come back to Love, experiencing
pain & suffering is not a requirement for learning about Love.In fact, rather than suffering, Love is more easily learned
through the peace and joy that comes from loving.Yes, everything happens for a reason – and the reason is YOU!You are Cause, not effect. Cause caused you by extending Itself to become you. Therefore, you are everything It is, which is Cause. Ultimately,
this would render it impossible for you to be at the effect of
anything outside yourself.The only question is, are you causing consciously or
unconsciously?What are you thinking? What are you believing? And what
choices are you making as a result of your thoughts and beliefs?
This is how we CAUSE the experiences in our life.To be clear, this is not a conversation about blame. It is a
conversation about POWER. If you say yes to this idea
and own your Causability, you own your power.When you own your power, you own Love — and, as Love, no
longer need experience yourself as a victim of a world seemingly
outside yourself.This week, every time something shows up in your life that you
don’t seem to like, try asking yourself, how might I be responsible
for this?What thought, interpretation, judgement or choices did I make that
might have generated this?Have a good week! And as always…. Surf the Vortex!

– Mark

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February 24, 2020

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