[MwM – 012] The moment of manifestation – Part 1 | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM – 012] The moment of manifestation – Part 1

Released Date: March 02, 2020

Today let’s talk about creating and cultivating… 

Somewhere in the Bible it says, “In the beginning was
the word…. And the word was God.”

This is no small thing. It speaks to the creative power
of the spoken or written word. 

To manifest is to make something clearly show up in the
world. You could say that the moment you speak or write
a word is the moment of manifestation.

The moment of manifestation is the exact moment in time
when a thought in one’s mind becomes a physical vibration
or sensory experience in the physical world.

We know a thing has manifested when it can be heard, seen
or touched.

This is why declaring your goals & intentions through
writing them down or speaking them out loud is such
a powerful thing to do. 

The moment you speak out or write down your goal,
intention or Vision is the point at which THOUGHT

You’ve literally pulled your Vision down from the heavens
into the world and planted the physical seed that will
bring that Vision to fruition.

With just the little bit of dirt, water and sun that occurs
in the wild, most seeds will take root and grow on
their own.

But just like the seeds a farmer sows, the more
attention we give our Vision Seed, the more likely it is
to grow into its fullest potential. 

                    GROWING YOUR VISION

  1. Write your Vision down
  2. Declare it out loud to someone who is receptive 
  3. Agree on and join with others in your Vision 
  4. Protect your Vision with your CONVICTION, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE and DEVOTION
  5. Then water your Vision Seed every day by giving it your:          – FOCUSED ATTENTION                                                                  – And FIRMLY COMMITTED ACTION

Play with these Vision Farming Steps this week and just pay
attention to what shows up.

Next week, to prove the power of your expressed word, I will
give you a really fun and miraculous practice that I’ve been
doing for years that I call:

The Immediate Manifestation List

To be continued….


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March 2, 2020

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