[MwM 013] The moment of manifestation – Part 2 | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM 013] The moment of manifestation – Part 2

Last week we talked about the moment of manifestation
and the creative power of the written and spoken word.

I also invited you to practice –


1) Write it down

2) Declare it out loud

3) Find Agreement

4) Protect it with conviction, commitment, discipline & devotion

5) Water it with focused attention & committed action.

So, how’s that going?

If you’re paying close attention & following the steps as outlined, I
would wager that you are joyfully witnessing the “ground” move as
your Vision Seed begins to take root & grow.

And as promised, to further prove the power of your expressed word,
today I will give you a fun and miraculous exercise that I’ve been
practicing for years:

My Immediate Manifestation List (MIML)

At the top of the front page of a small notepad write the title, MY
below 1 through 10.

Think about 10 things you would like to have show up in your
life without necessarily paying for them or doing anything
extraordinary to get them. Write them on the pad.

Hold your hands over the pad and declare out loud, This MIML
is my direct channel to Source and everything I place here is
immediately produced & on its way to me.

Now hang the list up on your wall in your home office or some
other private room where it’s within your peripheral vision but
not necessarily the center of your view.

Then let it go and expect that these things will show up in
perfect and miraculous ways!

Some examples of things that my clients have received, many
of them brand new and at no or low cost, or via money that
miraculously appeared:

  Vitamix blender, Washing machine, pickup truck, bedroom
  furniture, trip to Florida, refurbished bathroom, inversion table,
  new job, new friend, increased income, new home…!

Start with items that are within your mental reach. There is no
order of difficulty in what The Universe can produce. But YOU
have to believe it’s possible in order for you to receive.

Remember this is for fun so – no stress! Just enjoy the
anticipation and watch the miraculous and creative ways
that Source orchestrates the Universe on your behalf.

Feel free to message me as things begin to show up! I would
love to hear about your blessings.

Surf the Vortex!


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March 9, 2020

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