[MWM – 015] Magnidudinal Healing | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM – 015] Magnidudinal Healing

Welcome back to another “Monday with Mark” — Where
each Monday I share ideas, concepts and LIFE-SHIFTING
suggestions to help you launch your week with passion,
purpose and power! 

I would like to introduce – for your deep consideration – the

Consider the possibility that MIND is CAUSE and at the level
of mind, we are actually All-Powerful. The problem is we’ve
fallen asleep and forgotten where & how great our power is. 

So we often wield that power unconsciously and do not realize
that our own thinking is the cause of what’s showing up in our

MAGNITUDINAL HEALING is the recognition of the unlimited
causal power of mind.

One of the reasons we seem to create the same problems and
challenges over and over again is we often, mistakenly, address
our problems at the level of effect, not cause.

(mind), we will continue to play whack-a-mole… As soon as we
whack the problem down in one place, it pops up in another.

We can make temporary changes at the level of effect. 

However, in order to make permanent change, we have to
address our problems at the causal level by changing the thoughts
and beliefs in the mind (or minds) that made them

Our choices and behaviors are determined by the thoughts,
interpretations, judgments and beliefs in our mind. These decisions
create our world. This literally means that…


This is true both individually and collectively.

A mind that doesn’t know its own power is a contracted mind. To
heal a contracted mind requires stretching and expanding, by
opening our mind to new ideas when faced with challenges.

And though it may seem counterintuitive, opening and expanding
your mind may sometimes require temporarily contracting it just a
little more.

You could call this additional, temporary contraction a RESET. Like
loading a spring by momentarily taking a pause and pulling it back.

From there you can take a breath, reconsider, take aim… then pull
the trigger and LAUNCH in a new direction. 

I believe this is what the Universe is asking us to do right now, both individually and collectively, during this unprecedented moment of
complete planetary shut down. 

It is time to RESET – step back, breathe and reconsider what we
are doing. Time to ask ourselves, IS  THIS  WORKING ?? 

Is what I am thinking and doing working for me and those around

Is what we, all of humanity, are doing together working for every
one of us??

If the honest answer is “NO,” then we need to expand into our
true magnitude by opening our minds, relinquishing our beliefs and
allowing the Universe to bring forward a new idea.

And then, we can take this idea, release the spring and –
together – launch forward into a new world.

Let’s not waste this moment. Let’s do the inner work necessary
to make the outer changes required for ALL OF US to expand
and prosper.


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March 23, 2020

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