[MWM – 016] Eliminations Week | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM – 016] Eliminations Week

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I’m a psychic. Yep!
And my psychic prediction for this week is that many people 
will be spending time at home.

Am I right? See? I told you.

If you happen, for some odd reason, to be one of these

Then this would be a great week to do what I do regularly
myself, and often coach my clients to do – ELIMINATIONS 

During Eliminations Week, we commit to eliminating anything 
in our space that we no longer want, need or use by 
giving it away, throwing it away or selling it.

This can be done with our mental, emotional and physical
environments. But for this stay-at-home week, let’s try starting
eliminations within our physical living space.

You will love this! It’s so much fun!

According to some quantum physicists, everything that seems
solid in your physical world is mostly, if not totally, simply
vibrating energy. This includes our physical bodies.

It is highly likely that everyone and everything that exists is 
ultimately all part of the same vibrating energetic soup. In this
quantum reality, the idea of ownership starts to break down. 

If, energetically, we are all part of All-That-Is, then ownership
could really only be viewed in 1 of 2 ways. Either 1) everyone 
owns everything or 2) no one owns anything.

Either way, everything we seem to own in the physical world
could more accurately be viewed as energy on loan to us in a 
form that appears to fill our need in this moment. 

In this way The Universe provides the “things” we need for 
now. But if we want to keep the energy flowing & growing
we need to freely release the old to make way for the new.

This is how energy flows in the world of things.

But because we mistakenly believe in a finite universe with
limited resources and fear the lack that this can cause, we are
prone to hoarding.

And given that what we defend against we tend to make more

This hoarding defense mechanism actually blocks the natural
flow of energy from the Universe, which in many ways causes
the very lack we fear.

So, one way to have more is to release more.

Challenge for the week: Release More to Make More

Go through every room and closet in your living space and
make a list of everything you either no longer want, no longer
need or no longer use.

Then review the list and for each item ask yourself, how can I 
release this back to the Universe?

Should I give it away, throw it away or sell it?

Warning: you will likely notice things that you no longer need
or use but still “want” because they have sentimental value.
This doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t be released.

The “give away” category is great for these beloved objects. It
feels really good to give these special items to those
you love who will love and use them the way you did.

Remember – right timing is everything.

When you hold on to things beyond their time, not only do you
block your own abundance, but you prevent the Universe from
delivering what’s no longer yours to the one it’s now meant for.

This release of unwanted, unneeded or unused things and the
empty space (vacuum) it creates will allow the Universe to
once again pour Its Life Force Energy into your world!

And what’s most exciting is – it will come in the form or
forms that most suit your wants, needs and desires at this 

Surf the Vortex! 
Mark “Psychic” Van der Gaag

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March 30, 2020

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