[MWM- 018] Love is for Giving, not for Getting. | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM- 018] Love is for Giving, not for Getting.

Love is for Giving, not for Getting.
 What if all of the seeming lack, loss and suffering in the world is the result of 2 major misunderstandings
 What if knowing the truth about these 2 things would undo all distress & deprivation forever?
 Wouldn’t you want to know The Truth?
 Consider the possibility that our 2 biggest problems are:
 1) We don’t know who we are, and…                            
2) Because we don’t know who we are, we don’t know why we are here.
 You think you are this little bag of bones & water that is extremely delicate and vulnerable. Like if you slip off a chair the wrong way, you could literally pop.
 But what if this bag of bones & water you call your body isn’t the truth of who you are?
 What if your body is actually just a temporary vehicle for discovering who you are, by enabling you to give what you came here to give?
 What if what you are is way too big to be found anywhere inside a bag of bones & water… and, instead, the bag of bones and water is inside of what you are?
 What if what you are is Love?
 Not the airy-fairy, weak & mushy thing we think love is, but LOVE, that All-Powerful Force that is Pure Cause & Absolute Beauty, ever expanding & extending Itself to become more?
 What if the Truth about you being Love means that you are UncontainableInvulnerable and completely Unlimited?
 AND what if, as Love, the purpose for you being here is simply to give yourself to the world… 
 …but because you forget 1) who you are and 2) why you’re here, you mistakenly think you came here to get something from the world.
 If this world of getting feels all too familiar to you…
 I invite you to consider the possibility that this might be the thing generating any lack or meaninglessness you may seem to be experiencing in your life.
 Love does not for-get. Love for-gives.
 Only those that forget who they are could possibly think they are here for getting. 
 Let me suggest that all of the things you think you came to get in order to feel whole & complete in the world, you actually came to give in order to make the world whole and complete.
 If Love is for giving, then wouldn’t giving be the only way to know who we are and what we have?
 Maybe, without you giving Love in the form which you and only you alone can give to the world, the world is rendered lacking and incomplete.
 Remembering who we are and why we’re here:
 This week, let’s try flipping our modus operandi upside down…
 Instead of entering every situation looking for what we can get, let’s enter asking, “What can I give?” 
 And anytime we feel we are lacking a specific thing, instead of trying to get it, let’s ask ourselves, “How can I give this to the world?”


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April 13, 2020

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