[MWM- 019] The Turning Point | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM- 019] The Turning Point

How are things going with you?

 It has definitely been a challenging time for me, as I know it has been for many people. 

 The social distancing and staying at home response to the pandemic has removed many of the activities that typically serve to keep us well distracted.

 This situation has basically forced us to sit with ourselves and not look away, which has pushed many to realize such things as:

 A lifetime is short and each one grows shorter every day.
 Which then follows with questions like:

 – Have I been denying myself fulfillment in order to keep up appearances?
 – Am I living my vision or everyone else’s dream for a lifestyle that society spoon-fed us?
 – Other than accumulating things, have I actually accomplished anything of value in the world?
 – Are we as a people moving in the right direction?
 – Am I playing full out and giving all that I came here to give?
 – Do I even know who I am or what part I am meant to play in perfecting the world?

 Any crisis, whether personal – or global – serves as a turning point in life. These are critical moments that require a decision to be made and decisive action to be taken.

 In fact, the word “crisis” comes from the Latin root “krisis,” which means “to decide.”

 YES – We are going through an existential crisis.

 Whether it’s quarter life, midlife or quarantine induced, these crises, though often painful, are NOT a sign of weakness, character defect or some shameful malady.

 They are the natural result of an impending life shift in which a wiser and more experienced self now gets to review and evaluate the efficacy of past desicions… and then…


It’s during these crucial end-cycle periods when we realize life is fleeting that we begin to question if we are living a life of value, meaning and purpose. 

 Are we giving the gift we came to give?

 If in this moment we discover that we have not yet had the courage to devote ourselves to our true passion & purpose, we will likely feel frightened and deeply remorseful.

 NOT so much because we fear dying, but because we fear dying without fulfilling our mission or God given purpose.

 These “butterfly-too-big-for-the-cocoon” moments – where we operate like things are normal, but deep down know we are no longer part of the matrix – need to be elevated and honored.

 In the new normal, “Midlife Crisis” is no longer limited to midlife and can now occur at any time and almost any age.  

 Any disruption, upheaval or change that occurs in your life during these times is not the result of immaturity, frivolity or some impetuous desire to recapture your youth or better days…

 …but rather the sign of a complex maturation process meant to usher in a spiritual metamorphosis.

Certainly, when this experience is not understood or honored for the sacred moment it truly is, it can indeed be misinterpreted and misused, but…

 Not this time. Not us. Not now. 

 We are going to say a full throated, “YES!” to this experience that we’re all having and allow it to move us to shift & expand into the next greater iteration of ourselves.

 This week, grab a notepad and take 10 minutes to meditate on the following questions:

Now write your answers down and ask yourself: 

 What is one small action I can take to explore moving in this direction? 

 Then, take that action and trust that the Universe will be taking it with you and celebrating your decision. Surfing with you,

April 20, 2020

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