[MWM – 020] Master Your Mind | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM – 020] Master Your Mind

Why is it important to master your mind?

Imagine this…

The year is 1850.

The Western sun is beating down on your wide brimmed Stetson, six-gun strapped to your hip, a well-worn bandana slapping at your neck…

And you’re being chased by bandits!

Hootin and hollerin, guns a blarin, they’re coming for ya!

Luckily, you are saddled to a powerful Texas Mustang — one of the fastest and sure-footed horses in the world.

“Yeehaaa!” you holler. “They ain’t getting me! Not today!”

You kick your spurs and command your horse to a full gallop.

And in the blink of an eye… you have total advantage. The bandits can’t keep up with you. 

You’re feeling good!

Then… suddenly… the reins slip from your hands… your gallop becomes a cantor, then a trot… then…

You desperately want your horse to speed up, but he slows down.

You want to go left, but he goes right. 

Even though you’re riding one of the most powerful horses in the world…

…you’re in peril.

Your reins are dragging on the ground…

Your horse is wandering aimlessly.

And all the while, there’s that little situation with those pesky bandits… 

THIS is the story of your mind.

The Mind is your power to Cause.

But for most of us, the mind is like a wild horse. There are reins, but we’re not aware of them. So, we get taken for a crazy ride… 

… as the reins drag on the ground. 

Every master who ever walked the planet mastered but one thing: The ability to pick up the reins and control the thoughts in their own mind. 

The world we see is a reflection of our mind. 

A Course In Miracles is a practice in mind training. It helps us overcome the wild horses and begin to take back control of our thinking.

This week, I’m inviting you to jump on our ACIM Zoom Call on Wednesday evening or Friday morning

All are welcome! You don’t have to be a student of the Course to connect with us and benefit from the experience.

Together we will pick up the reins through practicing forgiveness, non-judgment, and deep receptivity. 

We look for the light in each other…

And because we look for it, we find it.


P.S. Oh yeah! And if you’re wondering how it ends for you back in 1850…

There you were, bandits closing in on you from every direction…

With no hope in sight, suddenly out of nowhere comes the The Lone Ranger (who, as everyone knows, also happens to be a Horse Whisperer) to your rescue! You see, in real life no one is coming to save you. But on every trail (or trial) there are those riding in your direction who are sent with the tools and abilities to help you save yourself.

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April 27, 2020

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