[MWM- 021] The Reluctant Surfer | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM- 021] The Reluctant Surfer

The Reluctant Surfer  

Imagine a surfer who prays every day for the BIG WAVES. But when they come, he complains about being overwhelmed, paddles back to shore and waits for the waves to pass.


Then when the water is once again calm, warm and comfortable, he paddles back out, lays on his board and… you guessed it… prays for the big waves.

This insanity is in essence how many of us live our lives.

If you are feeling any sense of drudgery, anxiousness or boredom around your life or daily routine, it is likely you’re living the life of the RELUCTANT SURFER.

When we seek comfort and safety at all costs instead of the challenge and risk of living to our full potential, we are doing something unnatural. 

We did not come here to play it safe.

If peace, joy and passion are not deeply familiar and regularly occurring experiences in your life, it’s because you’ve misinterpreted who you, where you are and why you’re here.

The world is a swirling, rolling, ever expanding Vortex of Creative Potential! 

Your Soul is born from this place.

We are all SOUL SURFERS come to Surf The Vortex.  We are, by design, meant to call in the Big Waves and then ride them to the fullest!

Surfing the Vortex

When we are not doing this, something has gone wrong. 

And we know something has gone wrong by how we feel. 

We have been taught to fear the Creative Force.

And that fear drives us to contract and seek comfort. 

But contraction and seeking comfort are NOT YOUR FRIENDS!

We did not come here to slink back and rest on the shore.

We came to SURF full out!

We think that safety is acquired by protecting ourselves from the waves… 

But our true safety comes from allowing the waves to catch us and carry us into The Vortex.

Surf’s up!

I had a client call me today trying to justify playing it safe, trying to justify retreating from the Big Wave he prayed for and paddling back to the comfort and safety of the shore. 

After all, it seemed to him, that’s where everyone else is. Maybe I should just get with the program and beach myself too. It seems like the responsible thing to do…


The responsible thing to do is to do what you came here to do!


The rest will take care of itself.

Questions for the week:

  • What is the Big Wave that YOU are avoiding? You’ll know it when you’ve found it because it will both excite you with passion and scare you to death, lol!
  • And what would it take for you to at least get your board in the water and start moving toward the rising surf?

Commit to that action and take it this week. 

You will immediately feel more alive and energized because that action will get you back into the surf and your natural flow.


May 4, 2020

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