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[MWM – 022] The Calling

The Calling 

You are a constellation. 

We are all made up of the same energetic stuff. But just like a constellation of stars, your stuff is arranged in a very certain and particular order that no one else shares. 

Similarly, though we all share the Universal Function of bringing Heaven (Happiness) to Earth…

…you are here to fulfill a very specific part of that function designed especially for you. 

For many people, this idea may cause immediate distress. 

After all, trying to figure out our specific role in the Universe’s Plan has driven many a person over the edge.

But this concept does not have to be so intimidating.

To begin, you could call your specific part of the Universal Function your “calling.”

I personally like the term, “calling” because it describes both what it is and how to know it. 

It’s called a calling because it calls to you. You do not have to “find your purpose” or chase your calling. Your calling will find you. 

It is, in fact, calling to you at this very moment.

Can you hear it? 

Or have you put your Soul-phone on airplane mode?

If you are trying to tell the universe what your calling is instead of listening for the call, this is in essence what you have done.

Answering the Call

And once you are clear about what it is, it will bring true purpose to everything you do. 

This sense of purpose will provide an inexhaustible well of energy and passion to fuel your life…

Here are some examples:

My calling is Love and Soul Liberation!

Expressed as my “purpose” I might say, “my purpose is to teach love and liberate the Soul.”

One  of my past forms of expression or vehicles for delivering my calling was building, owning and operating Climbing Walls in amusement parks.

Currently I have a Life Transformation Coaching Practice called, Radical Reboot Coachingwhere I help people radically transform their lives.

These businesses are obviously very different vehicles but they are driven by the same CALLING.

Remember the vehicles will change and expand over time as you change and expand but your calling will always remain the same.

So take a moment this week to write in your journal. Think about the things you’ve done in your life – for both work and play. Look inside them for the common thread. 

Ask the Universe to guide you and then write, My calling is _________!

Talk soon,

May 11, 2020

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