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Your Authentic Swing [MWM – 024]

Your Authentic Swing

Last Monday, when talking about The Power of Pause, I mentioned the 3 P’s – Passion, Purpose and Path.  Since then, the 3 P’s have come up in my coaching work on numerous occasions.

So, I thought I would expand upon it today.

First, let’s make an important distinction between the two minds…

The Micro-mindset & The Macro-Mind 

These are 2 very distinct parts of your consciousness. One of them, the micro-mind, which we made by selecting a tiny handful or “set” of ideas, judgments, and interpretations to believe in…

…is really just a very small part of the Macro-Mind.

Most of us, most of the time, are living out of our micro-mindset. The challenge with this is the micro-mind is fear based, problem centric, and extremely limiting.

The micro-mind is in a constant state of defense. The problem with being defensive is that we tend to create or become what we defend against. 

This only creates more of what we don’t want.

The Macro-Mind, on the other hand, is the part of your consciousness that is all encompassing, all-knowing, and fully connected to everyone and everything always. 

The Macro-Mind is the truth of who you are.  

In short, it could be said that the micro-mind is the cause of all problems and The Macro-Mind is the Source of all true solutions.

Live Macro

True passion and joy are the byproducts of living a purpose-full life. True purpose, like true solutions, can only be found in the Mind of Truth… The Macro-Mind.

Your Purpose is the specific and predetermined way the Macro-mind wants to extend Love and express Itself through you. 

You can only know your True Purpose through accessing the Macro-Mind. This means taking a momentary pause to step away from your chattering micro-mind and invite the Truth in instead.

If you do this, you WILL get the clarity you are seeking.

If you feel confused in any way or think you know your purpose but don’t know how to manifest it, the only question to ask yourself is…

“Would an all-knowing, all-encompassing, benevolent Mind give me a Purpose without also giving me a clear Path forward?”

In other words, you know you have found your True Calling when all 3 P’s are in the pod!

Once you’ve received your Passion, Purpose, and Path – the only thing left to do is take your Authentic swing!

Authenticity Test

This week, take a moment to journal on the following question around your life in general or whatever specific endeavor you are pursuing:

1.    Do I have true passion, a clear sense of purpose and a well-defined path forward?

2.    Does this feel like I’m pushing a muddy boulder up a slippery hill?…

3.    … or Does this feel like a snowball rolling down a mountain gathering steam, growing in size and building momentum?

If your answers are not, 1. Yes  2. No  3. Yes – across the board, then it’s time to visit the Vortex (Macro-Mind).

For one way to do this, go here.

Talk soon,

May 25, 2020

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