[MwM – 014] Best practice for HEALTH | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM – 014] Best practice for HEALTH

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According to A Course In Miracles, all illness begins in the mind. 

It works something like this:

Our thoughts (interpretations, judgments, perceptions and beliefs)
generate our emotional state

These thoughts and emotions combined with the resulting
behaviors create an energetic environment within and around
us which becomes the ground from which our life springs.

Depending on the positive or negative (loving or fearful) nature
of this culmination of factors, this “ground” will be conducive to
only 1 of 2 things – health or sickness.

When we are separate and alone we become fearful and fear
impacts our energetic environment which weakens the immune
system and leaves the body open to disease and contagions.

Health is a collaborative venture. True health cannot be achieved
through separation or isolation. 

It is through union that we heal.

Yes, when a contagion presents itself, take reasonable precautions.
Eat well, wear warm clothes and WASH YOUR HANDS… 

But stay connected, keep your heart open and continue extending
love to your brothers and sisters in whatever form feels most
appropriate to the situation at hand.

It is not separation but CONNECTION that generates the conditions necessary for health and recovery. 

During trials and tribulations, don’t pull back – step in. Don’t
withdraw – reach out.

Alone, we are weak and vulnerable.

Together, we are infinitely strong and adaptable.


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March 16, 2020

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