Feeling Anger vs. Being Angry [MWM – 025] | Mark Van Der Gaag

Feeling Anger vs. Being Angry [MWM – 025]

Feeling Anger vs. Being Angry

Let’s talk about anger

Most people confuse the feeling of anger with its expression. And because many people express anger through rage, which causes harm, we have come to believe that anger itself is bad. 

Anger is not bad.

There are many times when anger is very appropriate. 

Anger is simply the energy provided to us in order to take whatever actions may be necessary when we’ve perceived a situation to be wrong or threatening. 

This could be something happening that you do not want, or something you do want that is not happening. 

Without anger to compel us to act on our own behalf, many injustices and dangers that occur in our personal lives and in the world would go unchecked and continue to happen. 

The Problem with “Conceal don’t Feel”

Anger becomes “Angry” when we judge anger as “bad and wrong” and decide to hide it instead of expressing it and using it as the fuel for change it was meant to be.

As long as you are not holding it back, a healthy emotion will move through your body in about 8 seconds. 

When we suppress our anger because we are afraid of being judged, we become angry. And angry people will ALWAYS misappropriate this emotion and channel it into rage. 

Rage is tremendously destructive to the people, places, and things that you are in relationship with. 

Let’s take our anger back!

Instead of making your anger wrong, give yourself permission to feel your anger and allow it to move through you. 

What is it telling you? What needs to change?

If you are doing this on a regular basis, you will learn to distinguish anger from rage and use the gift of your anger energy to transform your life and heal the world. 

So… What’s ticking you the f**k off?!

Write it down.

Now, go into the silence, drop into your center, and ask yourself…

“What is the most loving action I can take to change this situation?”

This question transforms anger into inspiration.

Now use this newly transformed energy to take that inspired action.

Talk soon,

June 1, 2020

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