[MWM – 023] The Power Of Pause | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MWM – 023] The Power Of Pause

Take a moment… Pause…  Breathe… 

To pause is to take an instant in time to open and allow some empty space to exist. That pause or moment of emptiness is the sacred and fertile ground where miracles are born. 

A miracle is a new idea, possibility or solution that didn’t exist just a moment ago. It comes from a place beyond your very limited micro-mind’s constant plotting, planning & scheming.

A Course in Miracles says that miracles are our birthright — and if you are not having them then something has gone wrong.

I would like to suggest that what has gone wrong is we have forgotten the Power of Pause. We have been such busy bees buzzing around trying to gather enough honey to survive…

…that we have, for the most part, forgotten to step back, take a breath and allow ourselves to be fully present to the many miraculous moments among the flowers and fields that we fly.

The Miraculous Stillness

I ran into a friend today. He was extremely excited to share with me his recent miraculous and life altering experience.

For the past 5 years of inventing, striving and reinventing, my friend has been on a relentless mission to succeed in his business. 

Though he has had some wins and good moments, there has been no real sustained success. He eventually ran out of money & was compelled to move back home with his parents. 

This was sort of a forced pause for my friend. As a result, he was feeling a bit defeated and depressed, and decided to just give in and let go of the struggle & striving for a little while.

It was in this space of unmitigated relinquishment that a miraculous idea was born. It came at night, waking him from a dead sleep… he grabbed his journal and started writing.
 When my friend shared his new idea with me, I instantly knew he had found his “authentic swing.” He was PASSIONATE, certain about his PURPOSE, & had a clear PATH to fruition.

How did this happen? 

In the most quiet moment of the pause – while he slept – his mind became fertile ground for the Universe to plant Its seed… 

How do I know for sure? Because I’ve seen this before. The miraculous always comes with the special type of exhilaration, passion and exuberance he was obviously experiencing.

And I know an inspired idea when I hear one. As we all do.

Every successful endeavor I have ever pursued came to me in similar types of moments where I had taken an intentional pause and opened myself to the Will of The Universe.

Regardless of what we think is happening at this time in our collective experience, you could say that the bulk of humanity has been placed on PAUSE… 

Let’s not let a good pause go to waste, especially one with such profound capacity for monumental transformation and healing. 

How to Give In and Let Go

This week, let’s join together in giving into the pause for at least 20 minutes or more several times a day every day. 

Here’s what that could look like: 
-Sitting outside and feeling the sun’s warmth
-Focusing on your breathing
-Staring out the window

Here’s what that does NOT look like:
-Watching Netflix
-Scrolling through your phone
-Stuffing your face with food

Doing things to “keep busy”  and help you avoid the pause while you’re at home

Through the accumulation of each intentional pause within the appointed PAUSE OF THE COLLECTIVE, we have the power to usher in a completely new world.


May 18, 2020

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