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[MwM – 007] Passion is an inside job.

Passion is an inside job.

There is nothing outside of you that will generate passion. The Passion for a thing is already in you. It is built in. 

Your passion is your guide. It is the thing that drives you to select certain experiences. 

However, passion is not the only thing driving us. There are multiple additional “drivers” competing for your attention. 

For simplicity, though, we can narrow the drivers down to 2, passion and fear. 

Most people in most situations push their passion down and allow fear to take over and drive their choices and behavior.


The following concept is based on 2 principles

  1. The Universe is Conscious, Loving and Intentional.
  2. And the Universe has a very specific intention for you

Passion and purpose are indelibly connected. Passion is what it feels like to be living and expressing your purpose. 

Wouldn’t it only makes sense that the thing you are perfectly designed to do would be perfectly designed to feel good to you when doing it.

In order to truly live a “purpose driven” life, we have to learn to allow our passion, which is simply the feeling of joy and exhilaration, to guide us.

Here is a challenge for the week. Try setting aside one hour or more every day where you get to not do anything you don’t want to do.

For this block of time that you set aside, you will only do what you genuinely feel like doing.  

Consistently honoring your passion in this way will transform your relationship with yourself and will lead to the realization of your genuine purpose.


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January 27, 2020

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