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[MwM – 003] Purpose-FULL Goals vs Purpose-LESS Goals

Did you jump out of bed feeling inspired, passionate and excited this morning?

If the answer is “NO” then keep on reading.

I know from my own experience that even if you are feeling tired, depleted or overwhelmed in this moment, passionate motivation is available to you right now.

Most people start their day feeling tired, drained, and overwhelmed. 

If that rings true for you, maybe you need  “Purpose-FULL” goals to give you passionate motivation.

More about Purposeful goals in a little bit…

For now let’s talk about Passionate Motivation.

“Passionate motivation” is the result of living to fulfill your purpose.

Purpose is the only thing that can move you powerfully through your day with total ease.

However, your purpose must come from inspiration, not desperation.

Let that sink in.

“Inspiration” is about giving. It comes from Infinite Source. 

Inspiration is meant not only to move you, but to manifest through you and into the world. 

“Desperation” is about getting. It comes from your limited, problem-focused mind.

Desperation replaces inspired motivation with yearning and desire. 

It seeks to replace you for something external that somehow will provide you with what you believe you LACK. 

And because of the deep-rooted lie within the belief in LACK, your desires will always elude you.

Always remember this —— Getting proves not having. Giving proves having.


Read that again.


I define a goal as, “a clear vision set in a specific point in space and time that moves you to reach it.”

But though all goals will move you, the source of your goals decides the energetic and emotional effect they have on you.

Purposeful Goals vs Purposeless Goals

If your goals are inspired, they will be “purposeful” (purpose – full) and passion-filled.  

Your true purpose comes from Source and is inherently and endlessly resourceful (re – Source – full). Coming from beyond the limited self, the well of energy your Purpose provides is unlimited.

If your goals are driven by a desperate defense against lack or loss, they are purposeless (purpose – less) and your desire to fulfill them will only serve to deplete you.

The energy we use to desperately chase our desires is inherently limited because it comes from our disconnected and limited self. 

This is why endlessly chasing our desires depletes us. 

Purposeful goals are not about fixing a perceived lack. They are the result of Love extending Itself to become more.

When Love is becoming more through you, you stay filled up in the process. 

When you are trying to “get more” to fill yourself up, you become depleted and block Love (the source of your energy and abundance).

The best way to transform your purposeless, desperation driven goals into purposeful, inspired goals is to shift your approach from telling the universe what you want to asking the universe what It wants.

Telling denies Source access to you.

Asking allows Source to energize and move you in the right direction. 

You know what moves you in the world today by how you felt about getting out of bed this morning.

So, what is moving you today?  Inspiration or desperation?

If it’s desperation, stop telling and start asking.

December 30, 2019

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