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Relationships and Communication [MWM – 030]

So, here it is. I am giving you GOLD!


And all relationships ARE communication.

To communicate is to commune.

If there is poor communication, there is poor relationship.

If there is violent communication, there is violent relationship.

If there is no communication, THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP.

Where there is open, receptive, honest communication, there is Love.

And where there is Love, there is intimacy, safety, and true union… 

AND… where there is true union, there is fulfillment.


The sun is in relationship with the stars. The planets are in relationship with the sun. You are in relationship with the planet…

…and everything on it and beyond it is in relationship with YOU.

How are you communicating with your world?

What are you thinking, believing and feeling about the people, places and things around you, and how are you expressing this in your relationships?

When it comes to the humans you are in relationship with, if you are thinking, believing and feeling, but not expressing openly, honestly and lovingly…

You are actively separating and breaking off the relationship.

If you’re truly committed to experiencing fulfillment and communion with the people you love in your life, then Clean and Clear communication is imperative.

Especially where there are hurt, angry or sad feelings. 

Because it’s the withholds – the things you are NOT saying, that do the most damage to your relationships.

So, here are some diamonds to add to your gold.

This is the short version of what I call – 

“The Clean and Clear Communication Technique”

Before you jump right in, make sure to request a moment to speak with the person and get an agreement from them to do so. 

Remind them that you love and care about them and then ask them to just listen. Let them know they will have a chance to respond after you are complete. 

When you’re certain that you have their full attention, start with what happened:

1. WHEN YOU: Tell the person what happened – speak about the facts only, not your interpretations or judgments.
2. I FEEL OR FELT: Tell the person how you feel about what happened. Use the 8 core feelings – happy, sad, angry, shame, guilt, pain, fear, lonely…

3. BECAUSE: Tell the person what you made it mean. “Because I made it mean…” (What you make it mean is about you, not them.)
4. MY REQUEST IS: This is where you make a genuine request and ask for what you would like instead of what happened. (Remember a genuine request is not a command or demand – they get to say yes or no without any cost to them.)


This form of communicating works best if both people agree:

1. To NOT take anything the other person says personally (It’s just information. Relax.)
2. To trust that along with their own interests, your friend, family member, or significant other has your best interest at heart as well.
3. To do your best to look for a way to be a yes to your partner’s request.

I promise you, if you commit to communicating like this with everyone you know, it will literally transform your life and all of your relationships.

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July 13, 2020

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