Ruminate much? [MWM – 029] | Mark Van Der Gaag

Ruminate much? [MWM – 029]

Do you find yourself ruminating on thoughts, ideas or experiences that affect your emotional state in a negative way?

To ruminate actually means, to chew over and over or “to chew the cud.” Cud is food that an animal has already swallowed and then regurgitates to chew again.

So let’s ruminate on that for a moment, LOL…

Just kidding.

My intention for this MWM is to support you in breaking out of rumination. 

To do that, we first want to make a distinction between:

  • Rumination – obsessively regurgitating and chewing over and over on painful or fearful thoughts and memories…
  • Meditation – entering The Vortex and relinquishing your thoughts, interpretations and judgments to Source in order to gain clarity and get complete.

One keeps you stuck & spiraling in pain, suffering and non-resolution. And the other brings joy & peace, and sets you free to expand into your grandeur.

Micro-mind vs. Macro-mind

Let’s also recall the distinction between what I call the “micro-mind” and “macro-mind.”

The micro-mind is that limited, fearful part of your mind that you think is you, which has cut itself off from its connection to and awareness of its Source. 

The Macro-Mind is the all powerful, ever present, all knowing Source of All Creation – Keeper of The Vortex – in which all things are possible and from which everything is born.

Rumination is what happens when the micro-mind misuses the power of focus to obsess in the negative and create its own little separate, fear-driven vortex.

This separate mini-tornado will suck you in and keep you spinning and chewing the cud inside the neurotic imaginings of the micro-mind indefinitely – if you allow it.

Though it is nothing compared to The Macro-Mind Vortex, in your separate mind this mini-tornado does have great power because it is fueled by your intent.

But there is a way out.

In order to stop the tornado in your mind, you have to let it spill out of your mind. If you keep it locked inside your separate self, it will continue to hold you in its vacuum tight grip.

REMEMBER THIS – what fuels the tornado is the focusing power of a relentless question. These questions are at the root of the anxiety inside every rumination.

The questions are always based on your need for safety and acceptance. In general they sound like:

Am I ok? Will they reject me? Does this mean I’m a bad person? What will happen to me? Will I be harmed? Am I loveable? Is this person, place, situation safe?

These are the general forms of the questions. They will take their own specific form in your mind based on your specific and personal life experience.

Time to spill!

When you have a brief moment – take a breath, grab your journal and have a seat. It is time to spill that s**t.

The first step won’t be difficult. Think about whatever it is you’ve been ruminating on. Ask yourself, “what is the question inside this problem? What do I want to know?”

Write down whatever you come up with.

When you are complete with the writing, take a moment to sit in a quiet place to meditate. Use whatever process or system you normally use to bring yourself inside.

(If you don’t have a meditation practice, click here)

Keep your journal and pen next to you as you meditate. As you begin your meditation, pose the question(s) to The Vortex/Source/God… And then relinquish them.

It’s important that you do not try to answer the questions yourself. If you do, your meditation will become a rumination.

You may get answers while in your meditation or you may get them at some other point in time. Just know that you will receive what you have asked for.

And when you do get the answer, make sure you write it down and make it your firm commitment that you will follow through with whatever guidance you receive.

Until the next one!

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June 29, 2020

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