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[MwM – 002] The Motivation Trinity: Are you pouring or pushing?

Are you pouring or pushing?

Do you feel like your passion is pouring out from an endless stream or is it more like you’re pushing a slippery boulder up a muddy hill?

Is your energy flowing with ease and grace or does it take a lot of effort to keep your momentum going?

Did you meet your goals and intentions for the year or has it been another year where you feel exasperated?

True Success & Productivity require the following top 3 motivators.

·        Profoundly inspired Purpose

·        Genuine Partnership

·        Solid Structure

To wake up every morning full of energy and ready to roll requires the same 3 motivators. These 3 things are the rocket fuel that fire the engines and launch achievers out of bed in the morning.

Profoundly Inspired Purpose

Most people invent their purpose to solve some big problem in their life. But this type of purpose will only serve to keep you focused on the problem and will not be enough to keep you moving. A profoundly inspired purpose, however, is not something you invent. It’s something you receive. A profoundly inspired purpose is inherently passionate, will keep you focused forward and will provide tons of energy to carry your through whatever opposing forces that may show up.

Genuine Partnership

Having a team of people who share your purpose, support your vision and hold you accountable is imperative. No one succeeds alone and nothing is created without some form of union. Your team’s focused attention will incubate your vision and serve as a magnetic force field to hold you in place when the inevitable distractions, resistance and challenges show up to pull you off center.

Solid Structure

Without solid structure there is no flow. The river requires the river banks in order for the water to move. Having agreed upon, organized systems, processes and frameworks for yourself and your team will absolutely keep you moving and producing. Not having them is like removing the banks of the river. Without the river banks the river becomes just one big puddle.

These motivators work together as part of a sacred manifestation trinity that brings Vision to fruition.

Without any one of the top 3 motivators the other 2 are basically rendered useless. They work together and are equally important.

If 2019 did not bring all that you intended, take a moment to reflect on these motivators. Were any missing? If so, lets make 2020 the year that you have all 3 in place. It’s a new decade!

Surf the Vortex!


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December 23, 2019

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