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[MwM – 009] The Number One Cause For Failure

Welcome back to another “Monday with Mark” — Where each Monday I share ideas, concepts, and exercises to help you transform your life. This week we are talking about the number one cause for failure — FRAGMENTATION. 

Let’s get started… 

The number one cause of failure in any endeavor is fragmentation – being unclear, unfocused and mentally scattered. Going in too many directions at one time.

The number one cause of success is focus

Attention is the creative force. Nothing manifests without it.

Focused attention is a force multiplier. The clearer and more focused your attention the greater the impact you will have.

The word attention comes from the Latin root attendere which means, “to stretch to.”

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Where your attention goes, YOU go! 

And the more focused your attention— the more of you that goes there. 

When you focus your attention you literally stretch or extend your being to that which you are focused on.

If you focus on a thing, you actually extend your energetic self to that thing. This is why we know when someone is looking at us when walking down the street. 

They are making an energetic impression – literally reaching out and energetically touching us.

If you focus on an idea, or vision for your life, you are sending forth your energetic impression into the strata of the Universe. You are literally making an impression in the creative matter of the Cosmos.

Like pushing your hand into living clay your thought will form a space that the Cosmos immediately sets about filling. 

This is how we create. 

One reason people get fragmented is because they are afraid to choose between possibilities for fear they will make the wrong choice and lose what was meant for them. 

This is impossible. You can’t lose with focused attention. 

What matters is that you choose and focus. What’s meant for you will find its way to you on your chosen path.

In this regard there are no wrong choices.

If you are not clearly manifesting the experience you want, consider the possibility that sharpening your focus is the next step.

Try committing this week to making a specific choice, getting laser focused on that choice and, for now, allowing everything else to fade beyond your peripheral vision. 

Stay focused and see you next week, 


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February 10, 2020

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