The Problem with "Getting" [MWM - 008] | Mark Van Der Gaag

[MwM – 008] The Problem with “Getting”

Just so you know, most of what I’m about to say will likely seem confusing. Because it goes against everything the world teaches us. 

So don’t try to understand. Just let it in. If it’s true, it will generate healing with no need for understanding. And you will know it has, by how it feels.

If it’s not true, no worries, it will just fall away.

If you look closely at the places in your life where you’re feeling anything less than peace & joy, you will see that your pain is the result of a perceived lack. 

There is something you think you want but do not have.

According to A Course In Miracles, not only is this perception a lie and the cause of all of our suffering but it also puts us in the “getting” mode.

The problem with the getting mode is that it always leaves us wanting.

Since no one tries to get what they already have, trying to get only serves to prove that we do not have. 

In order to have we must give.

You can’t give what you don’t have so giving proves having. And – when what you have is proven, then you know you have it.

The metaphysical law of “knowledge” says that knowing and having are the same thing because you can only truly know that with which you are one. 

By definition then, that which you are one with, must be yourself.

The law of knowledge also says that you can only truly give by extending yourself and therefore can never lose what you give.

True giving makes more of what is given, not less. 

Therefore,We only get to know our abundance through generosity. 

Our purpose and passion generate true happiness because they are the vehicle and energy through which we give of and therefore expand our true self.

This week try giving the thing you’ve been trying to get. If you think you don’t have enough money, or love, or attention, give some to someone else. 

By doing this you’ve proven that you already have it so you don’t need to go get it. 

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait to see how it multiplies.


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February 2, 2020

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