What is a Life Coach? | Mark Van Der Gaag

What is a Life Coach?

Ideally, life coaching is a closely involved partnership devoted to helping you get what you want in life. Unlike a therapist or a counselor, my coaching agreement with you includes much more than just the weekly session.

I become your coach in your life, in real time, as you live it.

As a professional certified life coach, I am your visioning partner, your accountability partner, and your expert guide through life’s challenges and victories. When it comes to your life goals, I want them for you as much as you want them for yourself. I’m on your team.

So how does this work?

Exploring Your Life

We start by exploring your life until now—how you came to be who you are, your significant life events, hopes, dreams, fears, and what you would like to focus on next.

Weekly Sessions

We continue in a series of weekly sessions using a combination of creative principles, visualizations and self-inquiry techniques to support you in accessing your own inner wisdom and innate ability to create.

Post-Session Notes & Action Plan

After each weekly session, I send you a thorough summary of my notes so you can refer to them anytime. This includes your weekly action plan which we decide together by the end of each session. In addition, I may include additional insights related to our discussion.

Life Coach Line

Ever wish you had someone to call or text right then...when you really need it the most? Someone you can count on to always be sincerely supportive, truly helpful, and just plain be there for you?

You can.

Weekly coaching sessions are important for the deep work and focused exploration. But that’s not where Life happens...it happens “out there”!

So when you’re having one of those moments:

  • A rough patch in the relationship?
  • Tough time at work?
  • Not sure which direction to go?
  • Feeling down and dejected?

You can reach out to me, your Coach.

Every multi-session coaching package includes direct access to me throughout the week, via phone or texting, on an as-needed basis*. Call me or text me, and I’ll help you get through whatever it is you’re dealing with and help you get some clarity and peace around it. You’ll know when you need it. And when you do, I’ll be there for you.

* Life Coach Line calls and texts are up to 5 minutes each. Longer times are also available at the standard billable rates.