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[MwM – 004] What you focus on, you create more of

Shift the drift.

What you focus on, you create more of.

If you’re caught in an emotional drift, stuck in a certain judgment and feeling about yourself or your situation, you will only create more of what you don’t want.

One quick and simple way to shift your experience is through relinquishment.

In order to shift our drift we must relinquish both the problem and the solution as we see them.

“Vision depends on light. You cannot see in darkness.”

A Course In Miracles

Our rigid beliefs about what is wrong and what will fix it are a sort of darkness that we cast upon our mind.

When we are caught in a drift or pattern of belief it often seems to us like there is something pulling on us from outside ourselves that we cannot control.

But the truth is the drift is self-imposed. Our desire to be “right” about what we believe holds our experience in place.

And by stubbornly holding on to how we see things we block the light and lose our vision.

How about we try something new?

Let’s take 5 minutes first thing in the morning every day this week to sincerely relinquish our thoughts and beliefs, not only about what we think is Wrong in our lives but also what we think will fix it.

During this 5 minutes or so every morning, sit down take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Imagine that you are gathering up the problem and the solution as you perceive them. Then hand them up to Source and say:

“I Relinquish this problem and my solution to You. Please restore my Vision and show me the Truth. I am firmly committed to serving Your Will and will do whatever you ask me to do next. Thank You.”



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January 6, 2020

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